We are here for YOU! The founders of Shea By NAI, LLC just want to let you know that we understand the day-to-day struggles that we all are facing due COVID-19. From not being able to see loved ones, dealing with stress and anxiety and not being able to have immediate access to our essential needs. We want to let you know that YOU are our top priority. Being said, the Shea By Nai, LLC Team wants to inform you on ways that we are implementing proper sanitary care when handling products so that you can feel a little bit more at ease when ordering:

  • Proper N95 masks and gloves are being worn while making and packaging products to ensure proper sanitation. (this includes any and all drop off orders)
  • Gloves are ALWAYS being switched out and properly disposed of to prevent cross contamination.
  • ALL staff are taking the proper steps to ensure that our health is in tip top shape in order to work and deliver products for you. 
  • ALL product jars/bottles as well as working stations  are being properly wiped down with hospital grade antibacterial wipes.


We hope & pray for the safety of all of you and we hope you have a great day!

#StayHome #Quarantine